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If you weren’t born with a perfect set of pearly whites, you might have grown up believing that the only way to achieve a beautiful grin was to spend lots of time and money on various cosmetic dentistry treatments. While we offer a variety of cosmetic services here at Breckinridge Dental & Orthodontics, we also want your care to be quick and affordable. If you only have a couple of little smile imperfections to fix, then you might be a candidate for dental bonding in Richardson. To learn more about dental bonding and how it can give you your dream smile, call us today!

A quick, affordable way to transform your smile

With dental bonding, we use a tooth-colored material called composite resin. This substance resembles a putty, and it can be applied to your teeth to improve their size, shape, color, and proportion. Because dental bonding can be completed in just appointment and doesn’t require communication with an offsite dental lab, it’s one of the most affordable cosmetic services available. Plus, it’s versatile enough to correct multiple imperfections at once, including chips, cracks, gaps, stains, or misshapen teeth.


The process of getting dental bonding done is a quick and painless one. Oftentimes, we can complete the procedure in about an hour. Most patients don’t need a local anesthetic to feel comfortable, but we can still numb you up if it would help to soothe your nerves.

Once the damaged or decayed parts of your tooth are removed, your cosmetic dentist in Richardson applies an etchant material to the tooth to help the composite resin stick to it more effectively. We apply the resin, which has been color-matched to your teeth, in layers, sculpting it as we go to ensure the results look natural. Once we’re done, we shine an ultraviolet curing light onto the tooth. The resin is hardened into place in just a few seconds. Lastly, we smooth and polish your tooth, leaving you with a gorgeous grin.  


Here are some of the reasons to choose dental bonding over other cosmetic services:

The procedure is painless and generally only takes a single hour-long appointment.

Your results will look perfectly natural, so much so that onlookers shouldn’t even be able to notice that you got dental work done.

With proper oral hygiene, your results can last up to a decade.

Dental bonding can correct a wide variety of aesthetic issues.

Less enamel must be removed than for alternative treatments like veneers or crowns.

Bonding is one of the most cost-effective cosmetic services we offer.


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