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The Breckinridge Dental & Orthodontics team is passionate about helping patients experience completely stress free dentistry. In order to ensure your dentistry services fit your budget, we’re happy to process and file dental insurance claims for the majority of PPO benefit plans, and we offer in-network dental benefits for many insurers, including MetLife. If you’re insured through MetLife, let one of our team members know when you call to schedule your first appointment in our Richardson dental office. Our knowledgeable team members will set to work maximizing your benefits right away.

Maximize your Metlife Dental Benefits

Your MetLife dental insurance plan will vary based on a number of factors, including elections you and/or your employer make. In order to offer an accurate estimate for the out of pocket costs of dental care, one of our knowledgeable team members will want to review your individual policy. Once we have determined what coverage is specifically available to you, we can help you budget for the out of pocket costs of dental care. As a basic guideline, most insurers offer the following coverage:

80 to 100% coverage for preventive dental exams and teeth cleanings
70 to 80% coverage for minor restorative dentistry like fillings
50 to 70% coverage for dental crowns and other more advance restorations

As an in-network provider with MetLife, our team ensures you always have the lowest out pocket costs for all covered dentistry services. In exchange for the payment of your monthly plan premiums, your insurer will offer to cover a percentage of the cost of dental treatments up to a maximum price. In-network dental offices, like ours, agree to charge fees that fall within this maximum pricing. Out of network dentists may charge slightly higher fees, but you’ll need to pay the difference in pricing. This is typically a small amount, but by visiting an in-network dental office, you’ll remove this worry from your mind completely.



At Breckinridge Dental & Orthodontics, we go above and beyond to make the dental insurance process simple and stress free for our Richardson dentistry patients. When you call our team with questions about dental insurance coverage, you’ll likely be talking to one of our talented insurance specialists. All of these knowledgeable team members are here to help you with your dental benefits. They will process and file dental insurance claims to maximize your coverage, and can help you to understand your available benefits and out of pocket costs for any dental treatment plan. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to them with questions or concerns about your dental benefits. The whole Breckinridge Dental & Orthodontics team are always happy to help.

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