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By: Dr. Nathan Coughlin

Are you afraid to go to the dentist not because of the pain but because of the cost? Are you nervous about coming to the office because you do not have dental insurance?

You are not alone. Roughly a quarter of all Americans do not have dental insurance, and approximately a third of all adults have not seen a dentist in the past year.

There are options for you if you do not have dental insurance, and we are here to help. Below are a few of your options for dental treatment if you do not have dental insurance.

1. In-office dental plan

We understand patients are nervous about coming in without dental insurance. Roughly 15% of our patients do not have dental insurance and yet can receive proper dental care.

We offer an in-office dental plan that covers all of your basic needs at a discounted rate. Enrolling in our program will allow you to reduce your overall costs.

Monthly payment plans

Many procedures involve multiple appointments, and therefore payments may be broken up into monthly payments. 

Orthodontics, for example, is typically a two-year process, and therefore, we offer extended monthly payment plans.

Dental crowns without insurance

If your teeth have larger cavities, you may need a dental crown. Crowns are more expensive than a typical filing but last a long time. 

You may be able to break up the overall payments into 2 or 3 monthly installments as it takes multiple visits to receive a crown.

2. Create a dental fund

Dental insurance is more like a benefit or discount plan. Even if you had insurance, it likely does not cover all procedures at 100%. 

Many patients will save $100-$150 a month for their dental needs. This type of savings plan allows you to buy more extensive dental treatments when the time comes.

3. Care Credit

Multiple medical credit cards can help you pay for dental treatment. Carecredit offers up to 12 months of no interest payments.

Carecredit will require some necessary information from you before signing up, but this can be a great way to pay for more extensive treatments and still pay no interest.

You can select longer payment times that come with interest payments. Monthly payments can be extended to as long as five years with the interest options.

4. Dental schools

There is no shame in not being able to afford dental treatment. A great alternative would be to seek dental treatment at a dental school.

Dental schools need patients who can afford to come for many visits and do not mind spending a lot of time in their clinics.

The benefits of dental schools are the cost, and they also have experienced dentists overseeing the dental students. If you have a lot of time and don’t mind having longer appointments, a dental school may be an excellent option for you.

Living without Dental Insurance.

Many people do not have dental insurance, but that should not stop you from seeking dental treatment. There are many options to help you achieve excellent oral health.

Oral health is linked to overall health so seek one of these methods to help you achieve the smile you deserve. If you want to come in for a visit at our office it is only $49 for an exam and X-Rays. We hope to see you soon!

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